Guide to Pavement Maintenance
by Thomas McDonald and Patrick McDonald

Guide to Pavement Maintenance

Increase Quality in Pavement Maintenance Applications
Decrease Long Term Maintenance Costs



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Our Guide to Pavement Maintenance is the definitive book on pavement maintenance project management. It's based on more than sixty years of combined experience in pavement construction and project management.
  • Property Owners and Associations (HOA's):
    • Learn how to properly develop and oversee a pavement maintenance project
  • Property Managers:
    • Develop the right scope of work that maximizes and protects your client's capital outlay
  • Contractors:
    • Learn how to properly assess and quantify most paving and maintenance projects

A must have for any pavement project

Guide to Pavement Maintenance was written to help ensure that you get the most out of any asphalt maintenance project.  It covers everything from explaining what an asphalt pavement section is defining your specific project, to contracting and overseeing your project.

The perfect tool for anybody involved in asphalt pavement

Property Owners and Associations

Asphalt maintenance is one of the largest capital expenditures on your property.  Due to it's composition, asphalt pavement requires constant maintenance.  As a result, it is important to understand what your pavement maintenance requirement are before you even go out to bid. The Guide to Pavement Maintenance takes you, step-by-step, through the project to optimize for control of the job and maximize your cost efficiency.  Useful tools included in the guide are the request for bid form, specifications for dozens of maintenance application, a contract written specifically for pavement maintenance, and tips to help ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

Property Managers

As a property manager, your client relies on you to provide the best information and guidance to maintain their property, including the asphalt pavement.  The Guide to Pavement Maintenance is a great tool that will help you better understand the intricacies of maintenance, as we as identify the proper pavement maintenance applications and when they are needed.  With chapters written to instruct you on how to assess pavement and monitor the project, this book can make you more valuable to your clients.


The Guide to Pavement Maintenance has several tools to help evaluate asphalt pavement and develop the proper quantities.  The Guide also includes detailed information on each application as we as its intended purpose.  It is a perfect tool for use in the field to help explain to your clients the applications included in your scope of work.  Finally, this book is a great training tool for new employees allowing them to transition quicker into the industry.

Engineers, Architects, and Inspectors

The Guide to Pavement Maintenance was written specifically for residential and commercial street and parking lot projects.  This book contains dozens of specifications written for just this purpose as well as useful tools that help evaluate and monitor the project to ensure that your client is getting the best job. 
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